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Cisco: Learning Business Partner


Tim Morder, SVP Link Computer Corporation
“As a Cisco partner for more than 20 years, I thought my company knew how to work through the complex process of working with Cisco. So when I was first introduced to Jason Marks from Techrategy, I did not initially understand the Techrategy value proposition.  Jason has helped us by training our sales staff on product knowledge, configurations, and positioning.  I would highly recommend that you take the time to meet with Techrategy. I am sure you will be as pleased as we are with Techrategy's results in helping our Cisco practice.”


Robert Sensenig, Regional VP of Sales, Core BTS
“The Techrategy sales training and coaching program has been extremely helpful with on-boarding new account managers in PA.  The program combines technical training with sales best practices.  The fact that the Techrategy coaches are ex-Cisco has provided our new account managers with the proper insight to effectively work with the Cisco team as well as other manufacturer partners.  We’ve found the training program provided a quick ROI and well worth the investment.”


Darryl Forman, Regional Sales Manager, Cisco Systems
“As the Sales Manager for Cisco’s Pennsylvania Commercial Territory Region I work very closely with Cisco’s partners.  I feel training is a key component to successful growth within our partner community and I highly recommend Techrategy to provide that training.  Techrategy’s training takes a very direct approach by enabling partner Account Managers to become more consultative to their clients.  I have personally seen this make a positive impact on the business of our resellers that have worked with Techrategy.  I highly recommend Techrategy’s Cisco training program." 


Rocco Guerriero, CEO/Founder, Contour Data Solutions
“Contour hired Techrategy to train five of our Account Managers and we have immediately seen exceptional results.  The training methods that Techrategy uses to deliver sales and technology content allowed for each individual to maximize their potential regardless of their tenure.  Techrategy accomplished this with their baseline system, which allowed them to customize the training based on everyone's level of experience.  One of the most valuable parts of the training was the individual coaching they provided. This allowed them to understand each Account Managers individual areas for improvement and focus on them. I would highly recommend Techrategy for training.  I will be engaging them for a second round."


Steve Hancock, VP of Sales, NFF Inc.
I talked to many sales training organizations over the last year but Techrategy had the best, flexible training approach by far.They work with you to provide a training curriculum that best fits your needs to achieve your desired outcomes. In enrolled one of my new, struggling Account Managers into a 12-week class and I saw immediate results. Not only did the AM achieve his quarterly target, but his pipeline has greatly improved along with his confidence in addressing a far ranging set of solutions. I would definitely recommend using Techrategy." 


John S. Brookbank III, Director of Operations, Cisco Systems
"I had the opportunity and pleasure to work for Susan for several years. Susan is one of those rare leaders who also naturally serve as an inspiring mentor for the whole organization. With a background in psychology and thirty plus years worth of experience as a strategic leader, Susan exhibited strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for understanding the needs of any business. These qualities most notably translated in her ability to motivate and build a highly effective team. Susan always displayed the confidence needed to face the toughest leadership challenges. She has an incredible understanding of business practices, and is very knowledgeable in finance, operations, delivery, support models and sales methodologies. I would recommend her to any company as a consultant. Her attitude and confident approach will result in her being embraced as a strategic advisor. She is creative and possesses the skills needed to communicate her ideas and their associated benefits effectively. She will get you results!"