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Every organization can improve, but it is often difficult to know how. Having someone from outside your organization with real industry experience evaluate your business will save you time, money and provide a different perspective than what you are able to from within. Techrategy's expertise comes from understanding the inner workings of dozens of successful resellers. We know what works and what doesn't and we have the knowledge to carefully evaluate your unique business to help you achieve new levels of success. What's key is Techrategy's evaluations come with vendor neutrality, which ensures your business success is put first. Whether you are stuck at $1 Million or $1 Billion in revenue, Techrategy will be able to provide you with new insights to accelerate past plateaus.

Leadership:  Corporate leadership and organizational structure evaluations. Sales Management coverage models. 

Business Growth: M&A planning, staff analysis, vertical business assessment, gross profit evaluation, new account development and prospecting evaluations. Manufacturer and eco-system partnership assessments. 

Execution: Quoting process, inside sales, and services evaluations.

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