Cisco: Learning Business Partner

Sales Coaching

What do all the best athletes in the world have in common? They have all had tremendous amounts of coaching and practice. 

Account Managers, Inside Sales, Pre-Sales SEs and Sales Representatives are your talent. Talent needs continual investment to strengthen and grow. Going to meetings and doing your job is not the same as practicing or going to training. Just like playing a football game is not the same as football practice. 

Being part of the sales industry means that business success is directly tied to the talent of your people. Investing in your people today, is investing in your bottom line, your company's brand and your employee moral. 

All of us can improve and one of the beautiful parts of life is that room for continual growth. If your company isn't making the investment in you, then make the investment yourself and hire one of our sales coaches. Think of us as your personal trainer for your career. 

One thing that is for certain with all talent, we can't coach ourselves. We don't have the ability to really step outsides of ourselves and see our work be it art, sports or sales as a different entity would coming at it from different angles. Techrategy has the experience of coaching Account Managers with over 20 years of experience as well as sales people just starting out in their career. 

Reach out to us and we will let you speak with some of the people just like you that we have coached. 

One-to-one and one-to-many sales coaching with baseline assessment and scoring system to specifically focus on developing strengths and removing weaknesses.  Every program is customized per client based on number of sales professionals and time commitment.  Each training includes our baseline assessment and scoring system, individual coaching sessions, proprietary sales content and deliverables, management review meetings and sales rep progress reports and metrics tracking.